Rusty CMS/Blogging engine thingamabob™

⚠️ Kyanite is still very early in development and may not be ready for your uses just yet!

Kyanite is a super fast and super lightweight CMS/Blogging engine written in Rust. It aims to be powerful enough to give you the tools to give your site its own identity but simple enough to only require you to worry about your content.

Each page and post is divided up into "blocks" of content and you can either use the built in types, CommonMark flavoured Markdown, or just raw html in those blocks to create you post's and page's contents.

It's also super easy to host, you can either choose from a single executable (when compiled from source) or an OCI container, all you need to do is provide a PostgreSQL database in DATABASE_URL and it'll handle the rest, no other directories or mounts needed.

Wanna see a demo? You're looking at one right here! Kyanite's site itself is running the latest version of Kyanite. Though here are some other sites you can checkout that also use Kyanite:

If you want to get started, head over to the installation page to start.